i like the sound of my name on his lips

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Suicide date, december 31


So my suicide date is december 31 and i want to see how many that cares. So if i get 5000 notes i will remove my suicide date

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If I was a student at Hogwarts I’d use Howlers to send nice messages to people.

So you’d be sitting there in the Great Hall eating breakfast when an owl drops a Howler in front of you. You, and everyone else on your table, just stares at it as it trembles, explodes open, shrieks I WANT TO TOUCH YOUR SWEET BUTT and then dissolves into flames.


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fire exits are so dumb. if a building starts burning the fire isn’t going to just leave. fire doesn’t even know what exits are

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ugh why is he so attractive.

ugh why is he so attractive.


All Divergent stills

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